Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

Father-son duo held for duping exporter

Father-son duo held for duping exporter

They had further assured him that the plate, which they called the "Rice Puller", could be sold to worldwide space agencies for a profit.

In another incident of fraud, Indian police have taken father and son in custody for defrauding a businessman to buy a copper plate with special properties that would interest NASA and ISRO.

"A few years ago, the complainant, Narender Saini, met Virender, who told him his company would sell the "rice puller" to NASA after building it".

Dressed in "space suits", the two men were arrested by police for conning a businessman.

They signed a deal and Narender paid Rs 87.2 lakh as fees for scientists and the cost of arranging special anti-radiation suits and chemicals that the scientists would wear while testing the device. According to reports, they even dress their part as space scientists.

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The testing of the RP was scheduled in Hapur but could not happen as the accused made an excuse that the place was not conducive and after that, he said testing was delayed by them on one or another pretext, they said. "He said he needed seed money for this goal", joint commissioner of police Alok Kumar says. Later, he started looking for new avenues of easy income and he started cheating people on pretext of buying rare and antique object like magic mirror, rice puller, dual headed snakes, Naagmani etc. He again entered into an MoU and paid Rs 5.6 lakh, Rs 3.5 lakh and Rs 42 lakh for the same stuff he had paid earlier.

The "spacemen", however, were caught out when the businessman went to police complaining about them.

In the latest case in Delhi, the father-son duo told their victims that the "rice puller" plate could be charged by thunderbolt.

The cheats tell their victims that the RP will be purchased by NASA/DRDO for thousands of crores but the organizations will test it before purchasing. Later the victim found out that the so called "scientists" were working with the accused at a monthly salary of Rs 20,000 and the entire scheme was a sham. During investigation, the "RP" copper plate, anti radiation scientist suits of NASA and anti-radiation chemical stickers were recovered from the possession of the accused, the Joint CP added.

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