Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
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GOP Candidate Connects Boy Scouts Name Change With Caving To Nazism

GOP Candidate Connects Boy Scouts Name Change With Caving To Nazism

"Starting in February 2019, the name of the older youth program will be 'Scouts BSA, ' and the name of our iconic organization will continue to be Boy Scouts of America". "Instead of addressing systemic issues of continuing sexual assault, financial mismanagement and deficient programming, BSA's senior management wants to add an accelerant to the house fire by recruiting girls", a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts told ABC News.

UNITED STATES - The name "Boy Scouts" will be no more: the organization announced a huge change this morning.

Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for Georgia governor, said the Boy Scouts of America's decision to drop the word "Boy" from their name was the "latest example of culture rot".

Girls will soon be joining the boy scouts of America program but that's not the only change for the century-old group.

"Boy Scouts of America claims nearly 2.3 million members, down from 2.6 million five years ago".

"Girl scouts we do a lot of games, that's not really learning", said Chloe Padgett, a cub scout, "but now that I'm in cub scouts, we do like camping more often, we have more like stuff to do, it's very fun for me". According to a news release issued yesterday, the BSA announced their new "Scout Me In" campaign, which will aim at welcoming both boys and girls into their Cub Scout Program. The organization is expanding corporate partnerships in both those areas, and developing a Girl Scout Network Page on LinkedIn to support career advancement for former Girl Scouts. "In its peak years, BSA had more than 4 million participants", reports John Bacon for USA Today.

"So, Boy Scouts is admitting girls and won't be called Boy Scouts anymore. The organization, founded two years after Boy Scouts, now claims a membership of about 1.8 million", Bacon writes.

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"It's not just for boys, but girls can do it too", said Kaitryn Neely.

Scouts BSA "will stay divided along gender lines...."

The 108-year-old organization will still be known as the Boy Scouts of America.

However what is changing is the name of one of their core programs, the boy scouts.

Along with the addition of female scouts, it will also be changing its name to Scouts BSA. In Jan. 2017, they announced they would accept transgender members.

"I don't think they realize how historic it is but we as parents do", said her mother, Celina Matabuena de Garcia. That includes 23 new merit badges focusing on outdoors and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Two years later, it said it would allow gay scout leaders as well.

"When I saw the announcement in October I showed Ana and asked her, 'What's your take on it?'" Matabuena de Garcia said. Waning numbers have sent both groups scrambling to entice people to join and remain active.

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