Published: Mon, April 30, 2018
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Suspected Golden State Killer's ex-fiancee revealed as travel blogger

Suspected Golden State Killer's ex-fiancee revealed as travel blogger

Even if, as one member of law enforcement said, there's no direct connection between what's in the book and the arrest, how can you quantify how much public awareness of the case grew because of McNamara's work?

The development was first reported by the Sacramento Bee.

Investigators in California have been capable of crack the case of the Golden State Killer utilizing genealogical web sites that featured genetic info from a relative, in keeping with a report Thursday.

His daughter said authorities never notified her before swabbing her father for DNA in his bed a rehabilitation center, but once they told her afterward she understood and worked with them to eliminate people who conceivably could be the killer.

Appearing in court in a wheelchair Friday, DeAngelo, 72, was arraigned on murder charges.

Earlier this week, McNamara's widower, celebrated standup comedian Patton Oswalt, was in the Chicago area promoting the book when the Sacramento Police Department was arresting Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., 72.

The ex-fiancee of suspected Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo, reportedly a target of his anger, has been identified as 67-year-old travel blogger Bonnie Ueltzen, The Daily Mail reported Saturday.

Investigators were able to make the arrest this week after matching crime-scene DNA with genetic material stored in an online database by a distant relative. "It became a No. 1 New York Times best-seller".

Haynes added that he thought the police might have used broader DNA markers uploaded to ancestry Web site to find a common ancestor, and then narrowed down by following the family tree.

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I'll Be Gone in the Dark is an intimate account of McNamara's search for the Golden State Killer, who has also been known as the East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker. They relied on a different website than they had in the OR search, and they did not seek a warrant for DeAngelo's DNA.

She researched the case for three years and published a story in Los Angeles Magazine.

Oswalt was slated to talk about his new show AP Bio, but news of the arrest overshadowed that instantly.

"It just felt like he wanted to be left alone", Sanchietti said of his neighbor, who he said had a reputation in the community for loud, angry outbursts.

McNamara died in her sleep at 46 in April 2016.

Oswalt, who took to social media to say he'd welcome the opportunity to visit and speak to the suspect to get answers to his late wife's many questions, called Wednesday "one of the more surreal days of my life".

Prosecutors say Joseph DeAngelo carried out his most violent crimes in the months after he was sacked for shoplifting in 1979.

The Visalia suspect used sophisticated "pry tools" to gain entrance to locked homes, just as DeAngelo is alleged to have used in the other crimes, Salazar said. The rapes and murders were also committed before the advent of DNA profiling, which prevented investigators from confirming that it was the same man acting in both the Northern Californian rapes and the Southern Californian ransackings, rapes, and murders until 2001.

Because the crimes spanned 10 counties the culprit was later dubbed the Golden State Killer.

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