Published: Mon, April 30, 2018
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Bill Cosby found guilty of sexually assaulting woman

Bill Cosby found guilty of sexually assaulting woman

Bill Cosby has reportedly been placed under house arrest with a Global Positioning System monitor following his guilty verdict for sexual assault. Last year, the first jury to consider the matter wasn't able to reach a verdict, and Judge Steven O'Neill announced a mistrial. His lawyer Tom Mesereau declared "the fight is not over" and said he will appeal. Right now I am talking regularly to women who are struggling with a big decision.

It was Cosby's reputation as a public moralist that prompted a federal judge, acting in response to a request from The Associated Press, to unseal portions of the deposition. Cosby is now still out on bail, but he has been restricted from leaving his home.

Cosby "was a man who had evaded this moment for far too long", Steele said.

"I'm not simply going to lock him up right now", the judge said, citing his age and his track record of appearing at every hearing for two and a half years. He is sorry. He now says he hopes Friday's verdict will encourage victims to come forward like Constand did.

A judge says Cosby will be confined to the same suburban Philadelphia mansion where jurors concluded he drugged and molested a Temple University women's basketball administrator, ordering him to be outfitted with a Global Positioning System ankle bracelet to monitor compliance. The latest trial also included the testimonies of five other women who were allegedly also assaulted by Cosby on different occasions.

The Cosby case is the first high-profile sexual assault trial to unfold in the wake of the #MeToo movement and is sure to have many other high-profile abusers very, very anxious. Benson and Wyatt, who are not attorneys, said that the "prior bad acts" witnesses unfairly prejudiced the jury on issues that were not related to the actual charges.

Gloria Allred, a lawyer for some of Cosby's other accusers, said justice had been done, adding: "After all is said and done, women were finally believed". An alarming amount of workers appear to believe that even their original employment contracts are enough to gag them when something goes terribly wrong at work.

They did not testify in the criminal trial against Cosby.

Lawyers not connected with the case said the defense has a strong argument. Cosby did not admit any wrongdoing in the case. But that's what evidence of guilt does to guilty people.

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Shelburne Falls reacts with sadness, dismay - and in some cases harsh words - to resident Bill Cosby's sexual assault verdict

"My mom's free", she said of the verdict. "Based on that distinction, I'm sure that's the direction they will go in trying to get it overturned on appeal".

Cosby, the first major black actor on primetime TV, will remain out of jail until he is sentenced, the judge ruled.

The judge had suggested Thursday after Cosby was convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault that he would be allowed to move around Montgomery County, where his home is located. "However, we have to look at a merger of those counts to determine what the final maximum will be", Steele said.

Cosby's spokespeople said they have begun looking toward appealing the ruling.

"In an excellent New York Times piece, writer Wesley Morris (who himself is black), says it better than I ever could: "'America's Dad" is what we called Bill Cosby.

In 2014, comedian Hannibal Buress performed a routine contrasting Cosby's moral stances with the allegations against him.

At this second trial, Constand's testimony was bolstered by five other women who also said Cosby drugged and assaulted them in previous incidents. "Within a few minutes, I remember starting to feel dizzy, I started getting woozy and I could hear him talking to me, explaining things, but I couldn't understand the words he was saying".

But ultimately, the length of his sentence would not change his guilty conviction.

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