Published: Sun, April 29, 2018
Medical | By Josefina Yates

Facebook to give parents ability to limit kids use of messenger

Facebook to give parents ability to limit kids use of messenger

They also cannot use the camera, or receive notifications.

Since its launch in December 2017, Messenger Kids is facing widespread criticism for encouraging children to join social media. The mode is controlled from the Parent Control centre in the parent's Facebook account and the "off times" can be changed at any time.

Facebook Messenger Kids was the only app allowing parents to take full control of their Children's online behaviour and tracking down their activities.

When the Messenger Kids app is in Sleep Mode, kids will be unable to send or receive messages or video calls.

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Later this year, parents will be able to handpick every video and channel that children can view through the app, YouTube Kids said in its blog post, even restricting them to, say, 10 videos or a single channel. To that end, Facebook has opted to roll out a "Sleep Mode" feature for the app which will give parents more control over how and when their kids can use it. If a kid does try to open the app, it will let them know it's now in sleep mode and refuse access. The new "sleep mode" feature will give the parents the ability to set designated daily "off times" when Messenger Kids will go to sleep. Under the "app controls" header, the Sleep Mode menu will appear.

Parents can now block access to the app during certain time periods on specific days. You can set different times for weekdays versus weekends. The sleep mode in Messenger Kids will allow parents to set predetermined "off times" in the app on the device.

YouTube Kids was introduced in 2015 for children of preschool age and older, and it says it has more than 11 million weekly viewers.

What do you think of the idea of Messenger Kids in general? By adding new features to this Children app, the giant is trying to make it more efficient for the existing users of the app. In addition to sleep mode, parents can add and remove contacts, delete the child's account, or create a new account right from the control panel.

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