Published: Fri, April 27, 2018
Research | By Clarence Powell

Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP) today released the next generation of Spectacles

Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP) today released the next generation of Spectacles

Just as we expected it would, Snap has officially revealed the second-generation version of Spectacles. The company will also only be selling the Spectacles online. Spectacles were initially a hit, with Snap generating buzz by offering only a limited supply through traveling vending machines.

It's interesting that Snap has decided, once again, to introduce their spectacles.

Unlike the wild colors of the initial Spectacles, the new models are available in more muted colors, Onyx, Ruby and Sapphire.

In addition to looking better, Snap Inc. also ensures that Spectacles are more comfortable to wear.

Available in the UK, US, Canada and France, priced £150, $150 and €180 respectively, the enhanced specs have a smaller profile thanks to more compact components.

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Beyond video clips, the new Spectacles let you take quick photos as well, by holding your finger down on the frame with a "long press", vs. a quick click for video.

There were a number of issues with the Snapchat spectacles - one of which being the fact that less than half of Spectacles users continued to use the device more than a month after release.

That first version also caused the company to take a almost $40-million writedown in the third quarter due to excess inventory.

The specs look like regular sunglasses, but carry a camera that allows the user to take 10-second clips that can be sent to a user's Snapchat app. Their charging case is also getting shrunk. Recharging is done with the included charging case.

New dual microphones capture clearer, higher quality sound. Snap teamed up with a company called Lensabl to offer the ability to swap out regular lenses for prescription ones. (NYSE:SNAP) to report $-0.33 EPS on May, 1 after the close.They anticipate $1.98 EPS change or 85.71 % from last quarter's $-2.31 EPS. Although wearers will not be able to take them very deep (only about 1 meter) but they'll be fine for swimming near the surface for around 30 minutes at a time.

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