Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Here's a look at the new features

Here's a look at the new features

With Gmail, Google said it restructured email storage databases, unified three-dueling-systems for syncing-messages across devices and upgraded-computers underpinning the service.

The updated aesthetics aren't hard to adjust to and there's a handful of great new features. These chips can also be seen in the mobile version of Gmail.

Google has launched the long-awaited Gmail refresh.

Google's Gmail which is arguably one of the world's most popular email service is receiving a major overhaul today which not only includes a redesign but also a host of new features. The feature helps you to send an email out of your inbox. This lets users not only lock a message containing sensitive information, but lets you set an expiration date for when the email will disappear, the same way an ephemeral message would on Snapchat.

The majority of the functionality detailed above is accessible through a menu that appears when you hover over individual emails in your inbox.

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Google seems deliberately ambiguous in its latest statement about the service, but we wouldn't rule out the possibility that the company may keep Inbox around as a testing ground of new features. On iOS, users have had to look to third-party clients instead. Having these on hand means you don't have to switch browser tabs so often.

As we spotted in Google Play services on Monday, this menu makes use of an oval-shaped indicator to highlight what list you are now on. Through integrated rights management (IRM) Gmail also allows you to block the forwarding, copying or printing of particular messages. You can add different tasks or things you need to get done by hitting the big blue "Add a new task" button. However, if you're impatient then there's a way to get the update right now.

Extra-secure messages. A two-factor authentication feature for Confidential Mode messages, which you can enable on a per-message basis, will require your receipient to receive a code via text message and enter it before opening your missive.

A new Snooze button lets you go back to emails you can't handle right away. Previously you had to set up a separate Chrome web app in order to use Gmail while offline. The feature scans the incoming email and uses machine learning to suggest speedy responses, if it thinks the message is one that can be answered with a short reply. For example, if you're scheduling something and were replying to every email in that thread, Gmail will ping you for new emails but will block notifications related threads you didn't replyed. Today, Google's new and unified to-do solution is available for Android with heavy "Material Design 2" stylings. Maybe people who are already on top of their emails won't need this, but for those with a lot of volume or simply a tendency to be forgetful, Nudges could be a great help. And just in case you're targeted by malware, the new Gmail has built-in features that make it clearer you're potentially in trouble if you click on a message.

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