Published: Thu, April 19, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Battlefield V developer is reportedly prototyping a battle royale mode

Battlefield V developer is reportedly prototyping a battle royale mode

That being said, numerous files seen in their findings have already come to pass in the game, so there are a lot of reasons to feel this report's authenticity.

As Fortnite Season 3 comes to an end and players start looking at Fortnite Season 4, the comet that has been spotted on the Fortnite Battle Royale map is now joined by many meteors that are galling in the game.

For anyone sleeping under a rock (or maybe just not paying attention to recent gaming trends), the battle royale mode became a popular genre after the early access release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds past year, followed by team-based, horde-mode shooter Fortnite added its own 100-player mode.

Following a mass amount of complaints, Epic Games will be removing the Guide Missle from its battle royale mode. The explosive weapon was just recently added to the game last month but it has already received a lot of negative feedback from Fortnite players.

Details about how something like this would work on a Battlefield game are not yet clear.

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Other names have also been suggested by players if the end result is a destroyed area, including names such as "Tumbled Towers". Players are dropped onto a map with an empty inventory, and are forced to collect weapons and tools to help them win the game, unlike like deathmatch modes that give gamers guns to begin with. If this new mode does happen, it's unlikely it will be released along with the game.

The theory gets even stranger when the Battle Royale map is layered on top of a map of Poland. A modern-day Battlefield title with a battle royale mode might suffer somewhat from the presence of advanced weaponry. With season four approaching soon, some fans believe that it would be the ideal time to make a radical change to the game world doing just that. Polygon reported that this new COD title may not feature any single-player campaign.

Both game developers have not given any details but the two games will be coming this year, so the wait is not going to be very long.

The Guided Missile disappeared from Fortnite Battle Royale last week due to a glitch and now its leave of absence has been extended indefinitely. "Let us know how you would like to see private matches used".

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