Published: Thu, April 19, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Amazon has sold Prime memberships to a hundred million of us

Amazon has sold Prime memberships to a hundred million of us

Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos recorded total compensation of $1,681,840 in 2017, most of which is money paid for personal security-Bezos drew a salary of $81.840 and received no stock.

Brendan Witcher, a principal analyst at Forrester, said the number of subscribers makes clear that Amazon "keeps laying on more and more reasons for consumers to become Prime members".

Last we heard, Amazon Prime was reportedly sitting between 60 and 90 million subscribers, but those numbers weren't official. It includes perks such as free and discounted shipping, music and video streaming, and free e-books.

13 years post-launch, we have exceeded 100 million paid Prime members globally.

Amazon has just released its annual shareholder letter and it's major one.

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Bezos wrote that Amazon shipped "more than five billion items with Prime worldwide", and noted that the service expanded in 2017 to Mexico, Singapore and the Netherlands. Prime Day 2017 was our biggest global shopping event ever (until surpassed by Cyber Monday), with more new Prime members joining Prime than any other day in our history.

Amazon Prime is still growing.

The marketplace is an important business because it vastly expands Amazon's inventory and it's generally more profitable than its direct sales, since Amazon doesn't purchase the items itself.

Bezos kicked off the letter by doling out some advice on how to running a business.

If you thought Bezos would respond in his annual letter to Amazon's shareholders and defend the company that made him the world's wealthiest man, you're out of luck.

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