Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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Outpouring of support for former First Lady Barbara Bush

Outpouring of support for former First Lady Barbara Bush

"Our family wishes Barbara and the rest of the Bush family the best during this hard time".

While serving as first lady in the 1990s, she established the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, with the aim to "Advocate for and establish literacy as a value in every home".

Public figures across the US political spectrum paid tribute on Sunday to former first lady Barbara Bush, who is in "failing health" and will no longer seek medical treatment.

The statement release Sunday read, " After consulting her family and doctors, Mrs.

Barbara Bush is in failing health and after a series of hospitalizations she's declining further medial treatment at age 92. Bush's health is exacerbated because she has the heart condition as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, which affects the lungs.

After a time, the former first lady's health improved during her hospital stay. She is only the second first lady in American history whose son also ascended to the nation's highest office, the other being Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams and mother of John Quincy Adams. Her husband, former President George Bush, was with her, along with her children Neil, Marvin and Dorothy. I have the fondest memories of reading to my children when they were young - the smallest on my lap, a couple of others nestled on my knee...

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Mrs. Bush is known for her white hair and her triple-strand fake pearl necklace.

Her husband was president from 1989 to 1993.

Barbara Bush is in 'failing health.'

Her husband, at 93, is the longest-lived USA president. After he returned on leave, she dropped out of Smith College, and the two married in January 1945. Bush told an interviewer, "I sat next to her once, thought she was handsome, and I think she's very happy in Alaska, and I hope she'll stay there".

Sons George and Jeb have visited her in the past week. Barbara Pierce was born in NY and met her future husband at age 16. They got engaged right before he left to fight in World War II as a Navy pilot.

The 92-year-old matriarch of the Bush family has been in and out of the hospital several times over the last year. Proceeds from the books benefited grownup and household literacy packages.

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