Published: Tue, April 10, 2018
Sport | By Floyd Cook

Sarah Cowley-Ross on Laurel Hubbard and Tom Walsh's win

Sarah Cowley-Ross on Laurel Hubbard and Tom Walsh's win

The New Zealand athlete was injured while competing in the women's 90kg-plus category at the Carrara Sports Arena on the Gold Coast on Monday afternoon.

A humble 17-year-old has doubled Samoa's gold medal tally at the 2018 Commonwealth Games after Kiwi favourite Laurel Hubbard withdrew due to injury.

"It seems likely that I have ruptured a ligament or some fairly significant tissue damage, but until we have further scanning we won't know the details or extent of the injury".

Dignity was present in the way Hubbard addressed the media after her misfortune.

After undergoing 12 months of hormone therapy and recording low levels of testosterone, Hubbard - who lived as Gavin Hubbard until 2014 - was cleared to compete as a woman by the International Olympic Committee past year.

Laurel Hubbard beforehand competed below the identify Gavin Hubbard earlier than transitioning into a lady.

"It wouldn't be true if I said I wasn't unhappy at the moment but the nature of sport means that things don't always go your way and it is what it is", added Hubbard.

Australian Weightlifting Federation CEO Michael Keelan wrote to the IWF and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in an attempt to have Hubbard banned.

"The strength is still there and I think it's very unfair, and for all females it's unfair".

Of her decision to lift the heavier weight she said: "You can't just phone it in".

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Hubbard, who transitioned in her mid-30s, has not commented on the controversy.

That second lift, though, damaged her elbow and prevented her from doing the clean and jerk.

"I just hope they're mindful of how she feels".

Not one of the different lifters, together with Australia's Deb Loveley-Acason, obtained anyplace close to Hubbard's mark.

The crowd has gone, the spotlight is off. Laurel Hubbard never wanted it on her. But there's no indication at all that they were anything other than absolutely fantastic.

"But no indication today that they were anything other than fantastic", she said, "A real credit to Australian people and broader sporting community".

Stowers, whose coach had slammed Hubbard's entry as an "unfair advantage" in the lead-up, claimed gold with a combined total of 253kg, ahead of Nauruan Charisma Amoe-Tarrant (243) and England's Emily Campbell (242).

She became the first New Zealand transgender athlete to qualify for the Commonwealth Games.

There was warm applause from the venue's crowd when Hubbard lifted but some spectators said she should not have been allowed to compete as a woman.

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