Published: Tue, April 10, 2018
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Bill Cosby retrial over alleged sex assault due to begin

Bill Cosby retrial over alleged sex assault due to begin

Bill Cosby paid almost $3.4 million to the woman he is charged with sexually assaulting, a prosecutor revealed to jurors Monday, answering one of the biggest questions surrounding the case as the comedian's retrial got underway.

Former model Janice Dickinson, right, is one of the five additional complainants set to testify at Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial.

The particular complexity of this Cosby trial is that much of it pivots on the individual recollections of the parties involved; according to media reports there is no meaningful forensive evidence to be presented.

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Constand accused the Cosby Show star of drugging and assaulting her at his home in 2004. When Cosby exited his vehicle and headed toward the courthouse, she ripped off her jacket and rushed toward him.

"This is really about showing her that it's important to support women and really support their bravery and their courage to tell their story", McCue said.

Rochelle announced her intentions to protest Cosby on April 9 on her Facebook page. She's jolted during this. "And she's herself being violated". "This is hours after this starts".

Opening statements were delayed after Cosby's team submitted a motion to dismiss juror 11, a white man, after he allegedly told a fellow prospective juror (who was not selected) that he thought Cosby was guilty.

But there are also expected to be crucial differences in how this trial unfolds.

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Opening arguments in the sexual assault retrial of comedian Bill Cosby began Monday, as outside the courthouse, police arrested a topless protester - an actor on the comedian's former sitcom.

As Cosby walked towards the Pennsylvania court on Monday, a topless protester jumped over the barrier and ran towards the comedian, before being tussled into the bushes by security and taken into custody.

In long, at times rambling remarks kicking off perhaps the most high-profile case of his career, Steele rehashed much of the "he-said, "she-said" case, quoting liberally from Cosby's prior deposition".

The protester, Nicolle Rochelle, 39, of Little Falls, N.J., was charged with disorderly conduct and released. "I just think he's guilty", he reportedly said, "so can we all be done and get out of here".

"I wanted him to feel what he did and have it be in his face", she said. She made a dash toward the 80-year-old Cosby, but was taken down by county sheriff's officers.

Cosby, who sufferers from a degenerative eye disease, had no reaction to the episode, Wyatt said.

"I was contesting the image of a woman's body as constantly sexual", she said.

The actor, who starred in the 1980s TV series The Cosby Show, has faced allegations from dozens of other women but has denied them all. The judge barred her at the first trial. He says the encounter was consensual. O'Neill has allowed the prosecution to call five women other than Constand to testify about their allegations against Cosby. "We believe this woman who is talking and telling her truth, and I want her to be raised to always have a voice and to know that I believe her when she tells me anything that happens". Judge Steven O'Neill agreed last week to allow the jury to hear the details and the previously undisclosed sum of the settlement. The #MeToo movement caught fire four months after the first trial, raising awareness of sexual misconduct as it toppled Harvey Weinstein, Sen. Constand's lawyer has said the co-worker is lying.

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