Published: Mon, April 09, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

YouTube shooting injures 4, woman believed to be shooter dead, police say

YouTube shooting injures 4, woman believed to be shooter dead, police say

Police have previously said Aghdam went to a gun range before arriving at YouTube.

It was a nice day at the #YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California until a woman, who was identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam came into the headquarters and injured three people.

Bardia Rezaei, a 16-year-old who visits his aunt in the complex where Aghdam lived, said he often heard her arguing with her grandmother.

In addition, she was seen in a #Shooting range before the attack and there was a gun that was registered in her name that was found on the scene.

Citing law enforcement officials, the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit reports the suspect was Nasim Aghdam of San Diego.

The woman who shot three people at YouTube's headquarters was prolific at producing videos and posting them online, many of them freakish, such as a clip in which she removes a revealing purple dress to expose fake, strapped-on breasts with the message "Don't Trust Your Eyes". Aghdam's brother, who did not want to be identified, said that he Googled Mountain View, found that it was close to the YouTube headquarters and said he called the department back.

According to a late-night San Bruno Police Department release, Aghdam was a 39-year-old resident of San Diego. She then turned the gun on herself.

"Right now I'm thinking, she never hurt one ant".

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said in a statement, "There are no words to describe how terrible it was to have an active shooter YouTube today".

Officials said Aghdam did nothing to suggest she was a danger to herself or others when they found her asleep in a Walmart parking lot the next day.

"And police said, 'We are going to watch her, ' but they didn't watch her", she told CNN's Miguel Marquez outside the family home Wednesday in Menifee, California.

Police officers at YouTube's headquarters following the shooting on April 3.

Police in Northern California defended on Wednesday their decision not to detain the woman who later opened fire at YouTube's offices after they found her sleeping in her auto hours before the shooting, saying she gave them no cause for concern. All three victims were alive as of Wednesday morning, but one was in critical condition, one was in serious condition, and another was stable. The police did not arrest Aghdam, despite her father telling the police that she was upset.

San Bruno City Manager Connie Jackson told KTVU the situation was "relatively secure" about an hour after the gunshots were first reported. He's heartbroken, he's a dad, he's a great guy. "I did the best I can to avoid it but the cops didn't do their job". Aghdam had several videos on YouTube, preaching in favor of vegans and rallying against animal cruelty.

Officers in Mountain View found her sleeping in her vehicle early Tuesday. The state attorney general's website shows a charity group named PeaceThunder affiliated with Aghdam was dissolved at her request in 2011. "They only care for personal and short-term profits and do anything to reach their goals even by fooling simple-minded people, hiding the truth, manipulating science and everything, putting public mental and physical health at risk, abusing non-human animals, polluting the environment, destroying family values, promoting materialism and sexual degeneration in the name of freedom and turning people into programmed robots!" The deceased woman who allegedly opened fire before killing herself was furious over the company stopping her video revenue, according to investigators.

In a video posted in January 2017, Nasim Aghdam says YouTube "discriminated and filtered" her content.

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