Published: Sat, April 07, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Mortgage Brain launches first mortgage app on Amazon Echo

Mortgage Brain launches first mortgage app on Amazon Echo

Amazon key is expanding to work with five additional smart locks today, Kwikset is adding three new models today, and Yale is adding two. You have other things like feet running (let's go), twinkle twinkle (time for bed), dinner bell (obviously), and even a playful kiss for when you want to say "love you" to everyone. There are times when you don't need a verbal confirmation that Alexa has accomplished something. Now, families with Echo devices in their home can do just that, thanks to a new "Alexa Announcements" feature that's rolling out. The feature makes it easy to communicate to everyone in your home where an Echo speaker is present.

With Amazon's track record of encouraging companies to come onboard the Alexa bandwagon, this will likely lead to more smart lamps being released that can do a lot more than just turn on and off. However, like the Echo Show and Echo Spot, you'll also be able to view visual content with Alexa's responses.

A new feature called Alexa Announcements enables you to make an Echo intercom system throughout your home. However, the message will still only be transmitted to the smart speakers, not including the Alexa apps on mobile devices.

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Yep. Google began offering this same functionality for its Google Home line of smart speakers this past November.

So, if you said to your Echo speaker "Alexa, tell everyone dinner is ready", your voice saying "dinner is ready" would be broadcast through every other speaker in your home.

Check out Amazon's help page for the feature.

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