Published: Fri, April 06, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

Mexico presidential frontrunner blasts Trump call for border troops

Mexico presidential frontrunner blasts Trump call for border troops

"Mexico senators unanimously approved a nonbinding statement on Wednesday that says the government should suspend joint efforts "in the fight against transnational organized crime" until Trump exhibits "the civility and respect that the people of Mexico deserve", continued Associated Press. It comes hours after Trump signed a proclamation directing the deployment of National Guard troops to assist in securing the U.S. -Mexico border.

The Mexican Senate has "categorically" rejected the US initiative to militarise the US-Mexico border to thwart undocumented migrants.

U.S. President Donald Trump " s decision to deploy the National Guard along the Mexican border has made Mexican presidential candidates call for unity to defend the country. He also has family in the United States who has helped fund his trip northward with the caravan.

The caravan has captured the attention of Trump and his administration this week, serving as a symbol to further attempt to alter the foreign aid, trade and immigration policies the President has long wanted to tackle.

Jose Antonio Meade, the candidate of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party who ranks third in polls, on Wednesday urged candidates to stand together in denouncing the deployment of troops on the border.

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The Senate also insisted on reminding President Trump that NAFTA has been of mutual benefit, underlining "the five million USA jobs derived from the Treaty and the Mexican investments for more than 52,000 million dollars in 6,500 United States companies that have employed more than 120,000 people", the report continues.

The caravan of migrants originally numbered around 1,500.

Leftist front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) gestures while addressing supporters during a campaign rally in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico April 5, 2018.

The migrants had been camped out at a sports field in southern Oaxaca since the weekend.

"No to the militarization of the border, no to the wall". The government said it deported some 400 people and would offer refugee status to others.

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