Published: Fri, April 06, 2018
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After Liverpool drubbing, Manchester City find 'perfect match' with Tinder

After Liverpool drubbing, Manchester City find 'perfect match' with Tinder

Once you tap "Continue" in the Facebook app, you're taken back to the Tinder app, where you will either see a loading "Logging In" icon or an error.

However, it seems that the alterations made to its developer framework caused one of its affiliated apps, Tinder - which many users log-in with Facebook credentials, to run into problems.

Tinder confirmed the issue via Twitter, which is where most people have headed to unload their ire at the change.

Tinder did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the "login loop" may be a result of Facebook's recent update to the way third-party apps, like Tinder, can access Facebook data.

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Facebook is still recovering from revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a data firm with connections to the Trump campaign, accessed the data of millions of its users.

This is not the first time Tinder has added a new, important update this year, as recently, their privacy policies have been changed and a new "Ladies first" choice has also been added, meaning women have the right to choose whether they message first or not. "We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to have everyone swiping again soon", Tinder tweeted this morning.

Twitter user Daniel Sinclair said: "Facebook's API changes just broke Tinder". Other dating apps that use Facebook to login, like Bumble, did not experience outages. The user is required to authorize Tinder's use of their personal data, then the app pulls in users' name, age, photos, interests and more. Facebook began approving these permissions individually in 2014, but it is now tightening the review process, requiring that apps sign agreements before gaining access to this data. While this helped individuals find friends, Facebook said businesses that had phone or email information on customers were able to collect profile information this way.

If you really need to get back to finding a match, you can still use the desktop version of the Tinder app where your matches should be waiting for you.

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