Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

MP Sarah Champion wants to help Rotherham firms close gender pay gap

MP Sarah Champion wants to help Rotherham firms close gender pay gap

Seventy-eight per cent showed a pay gap in favour of men. This movement has been an effort to promote gender equality in the world.

Companies, with over 250 employees, across the United Kingdom, have until midnight on Wednesday April 4th to declare their findings.

"It is estimated that if women and men enjoyed parity in their hours, pay and seniority at work then we could see up to £150 billion added to our GDP", she wrote in The Telegraph.

"We want to be a trust that gives equal opportunity to whatever gender to reach whatever level they possibly can".

But what exactly is the gender pay gap, and what happens if companies miss the deadline?

What do the companies have to reveal?

The average gender pay gap in Wales is 15%.

Now there are 59 male members of the Senior Leadership Team, in comparison to 23 females which has influenced the gender pay gap in real terms.

The companies are required to disclose mean and median gaps between hourly wages for male and female staff. It aims to have a 50:50 ratio of male and female experts used in its programming by April next year.

William Reed also revealed a mean bonus pay gap of 28.8 per cent favouring men - although this changes to a 13 per cent gap favouring women when calculated using the median (or middle salary).

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Although 69% of the organisation's 5,226 employees in receipt of full pay were women, only 55% of the upper pay quartile were women.

However, a closer look at the data reveals a different picture. It has forced many employers to do the maths they had not hitherto done. In the upper pay quartile, the proportion of employees is 63.3% men and 36.7% women.

Which are the offending companies?

Commenting Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society said, "Gender pay gap reporting is a game changer in terms of workplace culture and practices".

Gender pay gaps have little to do with unequal pay, but quite a lot to do with unequal representation.

Smaller pay gaps in East Anglia have proved not to be sector-specific.

KFC, Matalan, Starbucks, Costa, McDonald's and Primark, British Museum and the armed forces have no gender pay gap.

There's still a lot of work to be done, but having this information at the industry's disposal is a good first step towards identifying the issue and working to solve them.

The annual salary paid to EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren was cut by £34,000 ($48,000) to £706,000 ($994,000) in January. The overall percentage of females who receive a bonus is "marginally higher" than that for males, the company said.

Although NHS England stressed that this was "not the same as saying men and women are paid differently for doing the same job", which "would be an equal pay issue", it did acknowledge the issue of men occupying more senior posts.

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