Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
Sport | By Floyd Cook

Villanova Deletes Tweet Saying Wildcats Star Donte DiVincenzo Was Hacked

Villanova Deletes Tweet Saying Wildcats Star Donte DiVincenzo Was Hacked

On the stage at center court after the end of the game, after the trophy had been passed around and the All-Final Four Team was announced, the Wildcats were lingering on the podium, waiting for a television commercial break to end so that they could watch "One Shining Moment" together.

From a historical standpoint, this is the first time a city has been home to both the Super Bowl Champion and the victor of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

MI was said to be the team of destiny a year ago, after its plane slid off a runway before the Big Ten tournament, igniting a furious winning streak that ended in the NCAA's Sweet 16. He nearly certainly would have started for any of those teams, but he made a decision to attend Villanova and came off the bench for all but 10 games this past season.

DiVincenzo's 31 points were a record for a bench player in a championship game and earned him the award of Most Outstanding player for the 2018 Final Four. "To have that being [said] is something really cool to hear".

Although the game still brought in the most viewers for all television on Monday night, the ratings are somewhat disappointing for CBS/Turner. A team meeting in February refocused the Wildcats on the defensive end; their offense was reliable enough. Eric Paschall (six points, eight rebounds) was named to the All Final Four team after a 24-point performance against Kansas.

The victory also caps an absurd five-year run for the Wildcats. Wright is one of only 15 coaches in NCAA men's basketball history to win multiple national titles.

The white kid gets caught being offensive on social media story is one we know well. The Villanova fans would spend the closing minutes doing things like amassing rousing cheers when the scoreboard showed former Villanova stars such as Josh Hart and Kyle Lowry.

This is what the best do to you: They break your memory.

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"Unfortunately a Twitter account belonging to Donte DiVincenzo was hacked tonight", the team said. "We should be mentioned up there". "I never dreamed of this", Wright told TBS television. "That was really cool'". Villanova, while winning the championship in 2016 as well as on Monday night, doesn't have the same college basketball name recognition like Duke or UNC. Nothing takes the Wildcats out of what they want to do.

MI had their best run in the 1st Half with 16:17 on the clock. They got to the rim, got to the free throw line and got baskets in transition. He also holds the record for scoring the most number of points by a non-starter in a NCAA championship.

Donte DiVincenzo scored 31 points off the bench for the Wildcats giving them the spark they needed to take over and run away with the game. From 13 three-point shots in the first half Saturday night, the Wildcats had made one.

Three of the oft-repeated mantras of Wright's program playing out in real time: Attitude.

"Coach does a great job of recruiting guys and finding guys that fit flawless for Villanova basketball", Bridges said.

It did not matter that national player of the year Brunson struggled most the night, going just 4-of-13 and scoring nine points.

The team that doesn't rattle - ever - showed some emotion and turned what was a tight, physical game into a blowout.

History, though, will look back at these Wildcats and their tactical, nearly apologetic dominance throughout their six games in this NCAA men's basketball tournament as a team that was, perhaps, just one or two steps ahead of the rest of the 350 laggards in Division I, a field that was forced to watch - mouths agape - revolutionary basketball unfold before them. "They were always in the top five, all year long".

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