Published: Mon, April 02, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Overwatch players can participate in the next Uprising event starting April 10

Overwatch players can participate in the next Uprising event starting April 10

Blizzard is teasing the next Overwatch Uprising event which kicks off on Tuesday, April 10.

The last Uprising Event was a PvE experience that allowed players to team-up with friends to do battle in King's Row with Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt and Mercy.

"The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature the return of the "#Uprising" event next month and new gameplay changes for #Moira in the PTR.

Alas, there's still no sign of that happening, but Blizzard said the event will reveal stories and secrets from the past, although whether there will be anything new to it, or just a rehash of what we learned last time around, isn't clear. The event also offered several legendary skins and other event-exclusive cosmetic items. You may also remember that Moira's origin video showed her in a Blackwatch uniform too so perhaps she'll be receiving a new skin. However, it appears that Blizzard has something extra in store.

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The King's Row Uprising took place seven years before present-day Overwatch, when an extremist group of Omnics calling itself Null Sector launched an insurgency in an upscale neighborhood of London.

Did you see anything interesting in the tweet? If you notice closely, when the video glitches it references a classified "File 00274" that was recorded eight years ago.

What do all these clues mean? The Petras Act, which made Overwatch activity illegal, is believed to have gone into effect six years ago - one year after the hinted Blackwatch mission. That sounds like a better name for an annual event that is focused on Overwatch lore, and eliminates confusion with the Overwatch League team of the same name from Boston.

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