Published: Wed, March 21, 2018
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New Pro Football League To Debut After 2019 Super Bowl

New Pro Football League To Debut After 2019 Super Bowl

The main men behind the new spring football league are Charlie Ebersol (son of TV legend Dick Ebersol) and Bill Polian, who is one of the better known executives in NFL history. Not only that, but the league has already signed a television contract with CBS Sports and will be run by Charlie Ebersol, who directed the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary that aired on the XFL previous year.

It appears the new XFL will have some competition when it comes to debut football leagues.

On Tuesday morning, entertainment producer Charlie Ebersol announced the creation of the Alliance of American Football, an outdoor football league that is scheduled to kick off on February 9, 2019. This league is set to start a year earlier than the XFL, with their first game the week after next year's Super Bowl. Ebersol believes his league will stand out because of the football experience that is involved, including Pro Football HOF GM Bill Polian, and former NFLers Allen, Justin Tuck, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu. In addition, Ebersol wants games to be affordable, with good seats available at $35. "Only 1,700 have National Football League jobs", Ebersol said, according to ESPN. "The XFL, USFL as a live event were successful businesses, but expectations were so high". The extra point will be eliminated, requiring teams to try a two-point conversion after every touchdown.

Ebersol said he know the league isn't going to blow up overnight and that it will take time and patience for it to catch on. As the AAF is being developed with an eye toward serving the nation's 59 million fantasy sports enthusiasts, the app will be front-loaded with an integrated in-game fantasy element. That financial backing is seemingly the catalyst to get the league up and running in less than a year with a 7-10 year long-term plan for success. "We're looking for those Kurt Warners working in grocery stores, and we think we will find them".

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Charlie Ebersol said that his league will have the initial contest and the championship game on CBS and one game a week on CBS Sports Network.

JK McKay, a standout receiver at USC in the 1970s and veteran football exec, will head up football operations for the Alliance.

When Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL he noted that he would be using a large sum of his own money to fund the league, but it would not be enough. Dick will reportedly be part of the board of the new football league that will reportedly be called the Alliance of American Football. In 2020, will it even get the chance to start again? Play clocks will be 30 seconds, there will be no tv timeouts and fewer commercials on games broadcast on CBS and livestreamed on the AAF website.

Sports agent Donald Yee announced last year his plans for Pacific Pro Football, a league with four teams based in Southern California that would give 18- to 21-year-olds a professional alternative to college football.

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