Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Research | By Clarence Powell

Google could rebrand Android Wear to Wear OS

Google could rebrand Android Wear to Wear OS

Google may change the name of its Android Wear platform to Wear OS, according to evidence discovered inside the latest Google Play Services app update, and the Android P Developer Preview software.

Reddit user H3x0n claimed that during the setup of an Android Wear smartwatch a new icon was displayed alongside the unfamiliar moniker instead of Android Wear. He has even shared a Screenshot regarding the update. There are also instructions to "open the Wear OS app on your phone".

The branding can apparently be seen in the Developer Preview beta version 12.5, though there's so far no explanation for it. However, it appears that Google might be about to give its Android Wear platform a makeover, thereby reigniting interest in the sector.

Here's more about the new visible changes coming to the search bar. What's more, the image also shows a new logo in the form of a "W" that uses Google's familiar color scheme of blue, yellow, green and red. But we are fairly certain that iPhone users who might want something different from the Apple smartwatch can possibly cringe at the thought of anything named with Android.

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This function alerts the Android Wear users about a nearby Android Wear device to pair up with it to your current Android Wear device.

Other than the new name and logo, we know nothing about this mysterious Wear OS.

Google's Android Wear was introduced nearly 4 years ago, its initial release being unleashed on March 18, 2014. While the date of these changes is unknown for now, we will probably hear more about Wear OS in May, during Google I/O.

Android wear was launched at Google I/O conference back in March 2014.

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