Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
Research | By Clarence Powell

PS4 update 5.50 adds a host of new features

PS4 update 5.50 adds a host of new features

The update to the official PlayStation website now puts the game as releasing in 2019 so perhaps plans have changed now, or the game needs more time in development. In 'Options, ' you can hide content including betas, trials or demos of games that you may not be going back to. However, just like playing locally, the game itself may not actually support background music.

Previously, if you had a PS4 Pro connected to a 1080p display, the console would set the internal render to 1080p even if the game was capable of higher resolutions.

This update will give you the ability to delete old notifications for better organization and management.

Love customizing your PS4 Home Screen?

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Adding custom wallpapers - Download a picture onto your USB drive in a folder named "images", navigate to the pathway on your console, then crop your picture to your liking. Of course, most firmware updates are not required, but when you want new features, they are highly recommended. You can also zoom and crop your images so they look flawless on your dashboard.

Dreams is a new game from LittleBigPlanet developer MediaMolecule, and the theme's image has been created by Dreams artist Maja-Lisa Kehlet. You will only be able to access this tab if you have an active PS+ subscription. Represent your team by customizing your team page with something unique and original!

If you're courageous, then you can do a system update online through your console, or grab the 5.50 update from Sony and pop it on a USB drive and update using that. This is one of the most requested features from the PlayStation community, but Sony remains tight-lipped. Supersampling will allow for games that are capable of running in 4K to downscale at match whatever TV you are using.

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