Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
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Donald Trump praises China's decision to scrap limit on presidency term

Donald Trump praises China's decision to scrap limit on presidency term

In recent years, China has built artificial islands in the South China Sea, militarizing them with airstrips, ports, hangars and other military-related infrastructure.

US President Donald Trump has proposed a military budget that is the largest since 2011 and focused on beefing up the country's nuclear defenses and countering the growing strength of China and Russian Federation. In truth, it is little more than a rubber stamp for party decisions.

"I'm telling you, it's a rigged system folks", he said.

Among the key tasks were the restructuring of the economy to move away from export-led manufacturing to services, domestic consumption and high-tech manufacturing; tackling serious air, water and soil pollution with the number of bad air days in key cities being halved in the five-year period; poverty alleviation with 68 million people lifted out of poverty; and balancing development among rich and poor regions. "Now the power consolidation is close to completed".

Private sector analysts have questioned whether the ruling Communist Party can achieve such high growth without infusions of bank lending and government spending, which would set back its reforms.

At the same time, Li tempered the market-friendly promises by affirming plans to build up state-owned enterprises that dominate most Chinese industries including energy, telecoms and finance.

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According to global China watchers, the country should be able to achieve the GDP target "without much difficulty". It was unclear how that might affect China's annual output of about 800 million tons.

The cuts had no impact on economic growth in 2017.

That was a big miss as China said growth rose 6.9%. He said that was the minimum required to meet Beijing's goal of doubling economic output from its 2010 level by 2020.

China's decision to lift presidential term limits, which will allow Xi Jinping to remain the nation's leader indefinitely, was met with gushing enthusiasm by delegates gathered for the annual meeting of the nation's parliament that started on Monday. It is also seen by the liberal activists as a reversion to the era of former Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong, whose rule led China into starvation, chaos and ultimately political stagnation.

Li, the premier, made no mention of the constitutional change or the controversy surrounding it but promised progress on an array of politically challenging goals including the restructuring or bankruptcy of "zombie enterprises", or money-losing but politically favored companies that are kept afloat by loans from government banks.

The Chinese leader further said that measures will be taken to ensure that that the poor populations, including elderly people, people with disabilities and those diagnosed with serious diseases will receive the required medical assistance, Xinhua reported.

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