Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
Research | By Clarence Powell

Google will sell Zagat to review site The Infatuation

Google will sell Zagat to review site The Infatuation

Zagat, founded by Tim and Nina Zagat as a survey of their friends' opinions on New York City eateries was purchased by Google in 2011 for $151 million.

In 2012, Google integrated Zagat into their search results, made the site free, announced plans to "Zagatize the world", and brought many former Zagat employees on as contractors.

The Infatuation, which was founded by former music industry execs Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, reviews restaurants in such USA cities as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as global locations including Melbourne, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa.

Zagat was formerly owned by Google. One of the main complaints is that it works best with a solid data connection, something we ... The Infatuation will introduce Zagat to its highly engaged, millennial audience and will leverage the social capital which they have earned since their launch nine years ago to help grow the Zagat brand.

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Over a telephonic interview Chris Stag, a Co-Founder of The Infatuation and it's Chief Executive said, "How often does an iconic brand like Zagat become available?".

Google has a long history of buying companies as part of its ambitions to deepen content offerings and to push into platforms such as mobile communications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to the report, Google is selling Zagat to restaurant review site The Infatuation. "Their innovative approach, and their passion for helping people discover great restaurants and for building community lines up exactly with what we built with Zagat from the very beginning".

But, when Marissa Mayer (the then Google VP who spearheaded the deal) left for Yahoo, Zagat was left a ship without rudder, and by the end of 2012, many of Google's Zagat contractors were informed that their contracts would not be renewed. With a focus on relatable, situational content, The Infatuation reaches over 3,000,000 people per month, worldwide.

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