Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
Worldwide | By Victor Meyer

Korea exits as window for talks may open

Korea exits as window for talks may open

Yun's departure comes as Trump has yet to nominate an ambassador to South Korea, and the administration's failure to fill that post and a number of other key foreign policy positions has brought criticism in Congress and among former USA official and experts.

Joseph Yun, 64, said that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson accepted his resignation "with regret" after 23 years of civil service.

"It's regrettable that Yun is leaving at this critical moment".

In June past year, he flew to Pyongyang to negotiate the release of Otto Warmbier, an American college student who had been detained there for stealing a propaganda poster.

"If the U.S. ignores our honest efforts for improving inter-Korean relations. but prefers provocation and confrontation, the DPRK will certainly respond", Han said, using an acronym for the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

Regarding the resumption of South Korea-US joint military exercises, special adviser Moon said the delayed exercises would kick off in early April, adding the annual drills are unlikely to be abruptly canceled or postponed again.

Washington's disarmament ambassador on Tuesday repeated that the USA would never accept North Korea as a nuclear-armed state.

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His departure comes amid glimmers of hope for a diplomatic opening between Pyongyang and Washington.

South Korean Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha, on Tuesday told a Conference the Disarmament that sanctions on North Korea were aimed at putting pressure on it to give up its nuclear ambitions, and not to bring down the government.

Trump on Monday reiterated his willingness to talk, but only under the right conditions.

The North hasn't tested a nuclear device or ballistic missile for months.

"It was completely my decision to retire at this time", Yun said. "He is joining a large exodus of senior State Department officials who will be hard to replace".

"I don't see any kind of policy that will achieve the desired result, a non-nuclear North Korea", Lankov concluded.

Washington has maintained that talks would be possible but only under the right conditions, reiterating its maximum pressure policy. But the US has pressed on with ever tougher sanctions, including a new set on the North's shipping capabilities. "Phase two may be a very rough thing - may be very, very unfortunate for the world", he said.

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