Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
Medical | By Josefina Yates

Kenyan doctor performs brain surgery on wrong patient

Kenyan doctor performs brain surgery on wrong patient

While addressing journalists, CS Kariuki said the unforgivable mix up was as a result of name changes.

This comes as health professionals speculated about who was responsible for one of the worst reported cases of medical negligence.

Doctor Thomas Mutie will therefore be taking over as the Acting CEO and Dr. John Ong'ech as the Acting Director, Clinical Services.

In the recent months, the hospital has been hit with scandals from rape allegations to theft of babies. Instead, the doctors conducted a full blown operation on the wrong patient's brain. But the nurses union's secretary general Seth Panyako told the Star doctors should stop blaming nurses for a collective mistake. Panyanko said even though it is the nurse who admitted the patient, the surgeon and anaesthetist ought to have briefed the patient on the surgery. "Caring for patients is teamwork", he said.

One patient needed surgery for a blood clot on the brain, the other only non-invasive treatment for swelling. The one who had the clot might not now need surgery because his condition has improved significantly.

Doctors in Kenya realized two hours into brain surgery they were operating on the wrong patient.

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A brain surgery mixup at Kenya's largest hospital led to the suspension of a neruosurgeon for performing brain surgery on the wrong patient, the hospital said in a statement on Friday.

She did not disclose the identity of the patients, only saying that the hospital will "advise on the cause of action to be taken".

"We are happy to inform the public that the patient is in recovery and progressing well", Ms Koros added. Koros said in a statement.

The hospital also expressed regret over the incident.

The mistake last weekend apparently was caused by a mix-up of the patients' identification tags. It has demanded a report from the hospital and plans to hold a hearing.

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