Published: Thu, March 01, 2018
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Wilson Mashes 6 HR in BP, Impresses Yankees

Wilson Mashes 6 HR in BP, Impresses Yankees

When his six days of baseball are over in Tampa, Wilson will likely return home and refocus his efforts on getting the Seahawks back to another championship. His agent Mark Rodgers helped facilitate the move, and he found out it was happening during a vacation in the Bahamas prior to an appearance in his fourth Pro Bowl. "This is the team is I have always been passionate about". Growing up, they were his favorite team, and Derek Jeter was his favorite player.

Russell Wilson's head knows football was the right choice.

Russell Wilson won't be playing in a game during his week in Yankees camp - despite him saying that "if they need me, I'm ready to go" - and he's not likely to trade in his football helmet for a regular-season batting helmet any time soon.

Wilson, who also took some reps at second base, chose No. 73 because No. 7 was his high school baseball number and he wears No. 3 for the Seahawks.

"There's an aroma around here that I've got to figure out, and I can't wait to learn more about it and use that for my football career", he said.

Perhaps the highlight of Wilson's arrival came when Yankees batting practice Group 2 took center stage.

"It's definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done", he added of putting on a Yankees jersey for the first time, making a nod to Babe Ruth. Obviously he had to come back down to Earth a bit. I want to learn as much as I can.

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Wilson said that people who ask "is this just a stunt or whatever, they don't know me".

At the training session, Wilson also shouted out wife.

Wilson told Gregorius it was his first time taking ground balls in a year and a half. Judge, though, declined to reveal the contents of Wilson's speech to the team.

Although Wilson is officially on the Yankees' spring training roster, he won't be playing in any games.

"I love watching winners win", he said. He actually out-homered Gary Sanchez on the day, 6-5.

In turn, Judge has expressed a desire to catch a few passes from Wilson later this week, but Cashman frowned on that idea. "Momma, we miss you but we love you". As for Wilson, he's just happy to be part of this experience right now.

After seeing the Yankees reach the ALCS a year ago, Wilson knows the potential is inside them, and that's why he has come to both observe and help foster a championship culture.

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