Published: Fri, February 23, 2018
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South Florida sports teams show support for Stoneman Douglas high victims

South Florida sports teams show support for Stoneman Douglas high victims

President Donald Trump is embracing a controversial response to the latest United States school massacre: arming teachers and other staff to fight attackers. A statement announcing the cancellation said the decision was made because of the Florida high school shooting.

At Board Secretary Jeff Gaynor's request, the trustees held an impromptu discussion on the topic during their meeting Wednesday. While Trump has stressed mental health and school safety measures, he also has indicated some willingness to alter gun laws.

But Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed last week, noted the previous school massacres and raged over his loss, saying this moment was not about gun laws, but about fixing the schools.

"What if, however, there was an evidence-based process for temporarily denying a troubled person access to guns?"

"So let me be honest with you about that one", Rubio said.

But as dismissal time approaches each day, exterior gates are opened to allow students to leave, said Jerry Graziose, the district's former head of school safety.

And again, protesting students faced resistance from adults, including school administrators, parents, lawmakers and judges.

But the courts eventually threw out the indictments, and the students' persistence persuaded a majority of school board members to reinstate Sal Castro, a teacher fired for his role in leading the student walkout. Benjamin Kelly, who was an aide of a Florida state representative, told a Tampa Bay Times reporter that two of the most outspoken students, Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, "are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen", according to a screengrab of the email that was shared by the reporter. Everyone is against mass shootings, he said, and the solution requires a more acute approach. While some Florida legislators are considering a number of far weaker half-measures, per the Miami Herald, the conservative media has already begun its headache-inducing habit of screaming about how the real issue is anything other than guns in the hopes they can distract people long enough to blunt any real progress.

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students are recognized before a CNN town hall broadcast, Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018, at the BB&T Center, in Sunrise, Fla.

"It makes me really, really happy that they are behind us right now". "It feels nearly like passing a torch". "They'd go for special training", he said.

Ciamacca said González's speech hit home for her AP government students - and for her.

"Help us for our 17 fallen brothers and sisters".

"It's not going to be talk like it has been in the past", Trump said. So this is to every lawmaker out there, no longer can you take money from the NRA, no longer can you fly under the radar doing whatever it is that you want to do because we are coming after you. The Birmingham board of education suspended the 1,000 students who had been arrested for the remainder of the school year.

Board Parliamentarian Simone Lightfoot said students are the ones who know their peers best and will be able to alert staff if certain students are considering harming themselves or others.

The event, hosted in the White Houses State Dining Room, brought Trump face-to-face with angry students and parents who have demanded firmer action on gun violence. "And, the fact that Douglas wasn't the first mass shooting, we also had Pulse Nightclub nearly two years ago, it's just like, we had two huge shootings in the state and they still have that poor response, and they don't want to regulate gun control, so I hope that they do". "What we must do now is enact change because that is what we do when something fails", said Prado, fighting back tears as he recalled feeling guilty about friends and teachers killed, and even for failing to text his mother to assure her that he was safely hiding.

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