Published: Wed, February 21, 2018
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Major League Baseball announces rule changes for 2018 season

Major League Baseball announces rule changes for 2018 season

That means going forward, a mound visit will include visits by coaches and managers, as well as visits by other players. That's a problem for Major League Baseball, which is struggling to attract younger fans. "This game has been played a lot longer than this generation has been around and will continue to be played for a lot longer".

There will now be a general limit of "six mound visits per nine-inning game without a pitching change, whether by a manager, coach or player", Associated Press confirms. Perhaps what's notable is what's not in this agreement: No pitch clocks quite yet. However, this is an attempt by commissioner Rob Manfred to get more people to watch baseball. In extra-inning games, teams will be granted one additional mound visit per inning. With over two minutes between innings and at every pitching change, the league has almost 40 minutes of dead time to work with in each game that does not require the intrinsic rules of the game to be fiddled with each year.

A catcher may ask the home-plate umpire for a brief visit if he is crossed up on a pitch and the team is out of mound visits. Let's hope the umps aren't too forgiving on that front. As Joel Sherman of New York Post and MLB Network notes, there is no penalization for the teams that make more than six mound visits.

At the same time, if baseball refuses to make significant changes on their end, don't expect fans and players to support or tolerate radical changes such as MiLB testing the "international tiebreaker rule" in their rookie-level Gulf Coast League and Arizona League this season, which automatically would place a runner on second base at the start of extra innings. "It'll be a relief for action to move more swiftly". "When we get to the point of the games, being given the opportunity to go ahead, get the definitions, get the actuality of what we're going to deal with and the opportunity to work through it [will be beneficial]".

It all comes down to pace of play in games, and everyone involved in the sport wants to see improvements.

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Yeesh. Not quite a ringing endorsement. Nonetheless, the announcement did come with several other changes that will go into effect this season, specifically when it comes to mound visits.

As for the timer that was OK'd, it will "count down from 2:05 for breaks in locally televised championship season games, from 2:25 for breaks in nationally televised championship season games, and from 2:55 for tie-breaker and postseason games".

Pitcher will be advised when his last warm-up pitch is happening (25 seconds remaining between innings).

Additionally, "players who consistently or flagrantly violate the time limits will be subject to progressive discipline for just cause", though ball-strike penalties will not be levied in pace-of-play infractions.

Teams' replay technology will be updated to expedite their challenge process.

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