Published: Fri, February 16, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Apple Advises Users Not To Put The HomePod On Wooden Furniture

Apple Advises Users Not To Put The HomePod On Wooden Furniture

The problem reportedly stems from oils that diffuse from the speaker's vibration-dampening silicone base, according to Wirecutter.

Pocket-Lint founder Stuart Miles told BBC that the HomePod left a white mark on his kitchen worktop after just being on there for 20 minutes.

Perhaps the most glaring issue is the fact that the speaker can cause damage to wooden furniture, with owners and reviewers on Twitter noting this issue. In a statement to Wirecutter, an Apple representative said that the "marks can improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface".

The support document was updated after a number of HomePod users who have had the device for the last week noticed that when they moved their new gadget it had left marks behind on wooden surfaces.

"To clear it, I had to sand the wood down and then re-oil it", Miles said.

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When I learned yesterday that Apple's HomePod speaker-which I had been testing-can damage oil-stained wood, I was more than a little concerned, as it had been sitting on my cabinet for quite some time.

Apple confirmed on Wednesday, their new virtual assistant and internet-connected speaker could damage some surfaces and leave marks "when placed on some wooden surfaces".

Nicole Nguyen from BuzzFeed went to an Apple store to see whether their wooden tables were stained by HomePods (they were not) and received advice from Apple employees on what to do to prevent the stains.

Compared to the likes of Google Home, Amazon Echo and many other smart speakers out there, the HomePod is an expensive buy at $349. If they don't go away on their own, wiping them with a damp or dry cloth should do the trick.

"If marks persist, clean the surface with the furniture manufacturer's recommend cleaning process". Unfortunately, users of the smart speaker have noticed that it leaves distinct white rings behind when sat on wooden surfaces for a period of time. The reason behind this is that Apple wants to sell its new smart speaker in bulk and it's pretty serious about it too.

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