Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Apple shifts approach on feature development, report says

Apple shifts approach on feature development, report says

The report adds how iOS 12 aka "Peace" is now under development, and is set to come with a few new features.

Apple also expects to integrate iOS 11's cartoony Animojis into FaceTime, enabling participants with TrueDepth cameras to appear as various animated animals during calls.

Apple has a lot of ideas in the works for iOS. "The company will continue to update its software annually, but internally engineers will have more discretion to push back features that aren't as polished to the following year". Let's hope Apple is going to bring this live news feature to other countries.

Apple the tech giant is reportedly working on an iPad which will feature inbuilt Face ID.

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The change could lead to more polished software update and less bugs. iOS 11 hasn't been flawless so far, for starters, with customers having to contend with autocorrect bugs, messages arriving out of order, and the calculator app misbehaving.

If Apple is slowing down its release cycle, it could be a turning point for mobile operating system. iOS and Android have been updated at an incredible pace over the past ten years. These include redesigned home screens for the iPhone, iPad, and CarPlay. This feature may or may not make it into iOS 12, depending on the state of Apple's progress when the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) rolls around in June. "This change is Apple beginning to realize that schedules are not being hit, stuff is being released with bugs - which previously would not have happened", when Apple was a smaller company with fewer engineers, customers and devices to manage, says one person familiar with the company.

YOU may have to wait an extra year for some of Apple's biggest app updates. The ability to synchronize Messages in iCloud, for example, was initially vaunted as a headline feature in iOS 11 at WWDC 2017 a year ago. Craig Federighi, Apple's senior VP of software engineering, informed engineers at the company last month of the new strategy. The codenamed software "Peace" is expected to develop universal apps which can work across Apple's ecosystem of devices. This new tool follows an open letter from two large Apple investors early this year who expressed concern that kids are too addicted to their digital devices.

Bloomberg said the iPad is set to get tabs within apps, allowing you to run several windows inside one app. Apple's tablets will also get the ability to run windows from the same app side-by-side.

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