Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
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Yes, Russia Is Going After the Midterms — Intelligence Chief

Yes, Russia Is Going After the Midterms — Intelligence Chief

Admitting that he was beginning to drift "a bit out of [his] lane" and qualifying that he did not want "to come back and preach at [the committee]", Coats derided Congress's failure to decrease the deficit and plan responsibly for the future as a "dire threat to our economic and national security." Sen.

Cyber attacks against the USA are happening every day, says National Intelligence Director Dan Coats.

US spy agencies concluded more than a year ago that Russian Federation used hacking and propaganda to try to tilt that election in favour of the Republican. He added, "We need to inform the American public that this is real". Trump's attacks on the FBI as an agency infected by partisan bias were raised by senators and swatted away by Christopher A. Wray, the bureau's director, who was appointed previous year by Trump.

"We will continue to work towards conclusions related to any cooperation or collusion by any individual, campaign, or company, with efforts to influence the outcome of elections or to create societal chaos in the United States", Burr said. All of them did.

"All of you have agreed there are continuing threats to this country", King said. "It's a serious threat, especially when the leader of the government continues to deny that it exists". "He didn't increase sanctions on Russian Federation when he had the chance to do so".

When asked if he felt Republicans cherry-picked information about the FBI and the Justice Department's investigation of Carter Page as well as its use of information from British spy Christopher Steele in obtaining a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to monitor him, Wray repeated an earlier stance. Moscow now sees the coming congressional elections as a chance to build on its gains, they said.

Dan Coats warned the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that Russian Federation believes it successfully meddled with American political processes in the past, and they are bound to try it again in the future. "There needs to be a national cry for that".

All right, he was asked - whose job is that? They said there were concerns the Chinese companies would use their access to spy on USA officials, and US intelligence chiefs appeared to agree on Tuesday. But he did not say that Trump has specifically directed the agency to prevent Russian interference. There was also an alleged offer for certain surveillance tools stolen from the National Security Agency.

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Yes, Russia Is Going After the Midterms — Intelligence Chief

Russian government cyber-intruders got into a number of state systems in 2016 and although no votes were changed nor major major damage done, officials say, that cyber-threat remains potent across the country. While in Kuwait, Tillerson will also take part in a conference to raise money for infrastructure fix in Iraq.

Plus there were other intelligence operations about which much less has become public, including the creation of forged secret documents to try to confuse American officials and, potentially, infiltration of American political groups. Bergmann added: "There have been no Cabinet meetings on Russian interference, no agency has been charged with leading a response, and no election security legislation". "We also assess that Iran will continue to develop military capabilities that threaten USA forces and USA allies in the region", he added.

Coats called North Korea the most volatile and confrontational threat. "They realize there are people trying to manipulate them".

Russian hackers targeted the election systems of 21 U.S. states. He did not elaborate.

Coats said to assume interference from Russian Federation and maybe others in upcoming national, state and local elections. At Tuesday's hearing, several committee members expressed support for the intelligence officials.

Wray is one of six top intelligence agency heads testifying at the annual worldwide threats hearing, which comes as the White House is seeking to deflect criticism over its handling of a security clearance for a senior aide accused of spousal abuse by saying it relies on law enforcement and intelligence agencies to run the process.

As it pertains to China, Wray said they are turning to more "creative avenues" by using "non-traditional collectors", an aspect Wray said the intelligence community recognizes but the private sector "isn't used to spotting".

"I would respectfully disagree", Risch said. "This is no surprise to us".

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