Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
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National Retail Federation expects people to spend more money this Valentine's Day

National Retail Federation expects people to spend more money this Valentine's Day

"It's really fun, it's really insane", said Freeman. "It is sort of like being hit by the love bug".

Bermuda florists are braced for a Valentines Day last-minute rush, and some have prepared in advance for late orders.

If you walk into Lawrence Mayer Florist the day before Valentine's day, you'll see a full staff with all hands on deck. "We try to accommodate people the best we can and it has been busy, but it will get even busier the closer we get to Valentine's Day". People have anniversaries and birthdays, but those are every day. Regardless of how many get scheduled for Wednesday, he'll have a busy day: Murphy also is playing Valentine's parties at Oak Park Place and The Barn Restaurant. "It is pretty hectic around here starting very early in the morning".

One Interflora customer tweeted a picture of her flowers and accompanying card - pointing out that she'd been delivered the wrong blooms. "Orchids are really popular, but mostly the flowers. But we've had a lot of practice".

Walton said sales are also influenced by the day of the week that Valentine's Day falls on. To ensure flowers are delivered at the peak of freshness, UPS transports the shipments from colorful growing fields in Latin American countries through the Miami International Airport (MIA), where UPS is one of the largest air cargo carriers, to the final recipient in less than two days.

And it requires a carefully choreographed routine designed by Garner over the past 35 years. In exchange for the almost three dozen volunteers, Garner makes a contribution to those three groups.

Rochelle Todd, retail coordinator and supervisor at Peoples Pharmacy, yesterday said: “Its been a slow start, usually tonight or tomorrow people will come and get their flowers.”. "We've got it down pretty well".

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And the flowers aren't always just for the wives and girlfriends. Thus, there will be a load of deliveries for the Ranch Acres neighborhood in the 74135 ZIP code.

"Working extra hours and just trying to make everything special for everyone", Biler said.

There are over 100 different types of roses but the most commonly used for the romantic holiday is the modern red rose. Both businesses cater to the creative buyer and to those interested in supporting local growers - Tesoro and Sonoma Flower Mart are each clients of the Neves.

"It gets pretty insane in here in the days leading up", said Garner. "Women want flowers at work and to have bragging rights, too".

Mr Baumann said that while millennials are more likely to celebrate Valentine's Day en masse, it's the baby boomers who tend to flaunt their wealth. "They select everything from the type of flowers to the foliage and ribbon".

The Kamp's bouquet, baby's breath included, kept its perky shape and color through day five.

On a typical day, Mayfield Florist does about 70 deliveries in Tucson and the surrounding area. Head over to a local flower shop, or if it's last minute, check out Sprouts.

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