Published: Fri, February 09, 2018
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Russian Federation meddled in 2016 United States election, says George W Bush

Russian Federation meddled in 2016 United States election, says George W Bush

Bush stated in a speech at a conference for the US-based think tank Milken Institute in Abu Dhabi that there is pretty clear evidence Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 presidential election, the USA Today reported.

While Bush said he didn't know whether Russian meddling actually affected the outcome of the election, he was still troubled by the damage that such meddling can do to American democracy.

In 2001, Bush famously said that he looked in Putin's eyes and "was able to get a sense of his soul" calling him a man who was "deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country". "The reason he does this is because he is upset by the fall of the Soviet Union". "Therefore, much of his moves [are] to regain Soviet hegemony".

Although Bush didn't mention President Donald Trump by name, his remarks appeared to criticize the current administration's attempts to warm relations with Russian Federation. Last October, he delivered a speech addressing nationalism and Russian aggression, countering points presented by Trump though never addressing the current president by name. "That's why North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is very important", Bush added.

Bush also criticized Trump's decision to scrap a program implemented by former President Barack Obama's administration that allows young immigrants living in the US illegally who were brought here as children to remain in America.

Bush acknowledged that he tried to overhaul America's "broken" immigration system, but failed.

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Separately, Bush also seemed to depart from Trump's hard-line policies on immigration, saying some immigrants are "willing to do jobs that Americans won't do". We ought to say thank you and welcome, " Bush said.

Bush, the son of the 41st U.S. President George H.W. Bush, was the head of the U.S. government when the U.S. and its allies invaded Iraq in 2003 and toppled the Arab country's President Saddam Hussein.

He spoke on Thursday at a summit in Abu Dhabi put on by the Milken Institute, an economic think tank based in California.

He made his comments while in a conversation with Michael Milken, known as the king of high-risk "junk" bonds in the 1980s.

Milken reached an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) that included a lifelong disqualification of the sector and a fine of 200 million dollars.

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