Published: Fri, February 09, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Nintendo incentivizes Switch game sales with rewards program

Nintendo incentivizes Switch game sales with rewards program

The dual pack of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are set to launch on February 16 for the Nintendo Switch, where the over-the-top action games will look much better compared to the Wii U. The video also revealed faster loading times for the hybrid console, which should make gameplay feel more fluid. Starting in March, players can look forward to applying their points to digital purchases including Switch content. After shutting down Club Nintendo in 2015, the company launched My Nintendo the following year, but gone were the cool physical toys and such. Much to the dismay of fans, My Nintendo Rewards has been less than impressive with its rewards system, giving a few games here and there, but mostly discounts and a few wallpapers.

The pickings are still pretty slim but are getting better as Nintendo works on improving the system and its offerings.

The change will come via a future update, allowing people to use Gold Points they have acquired to buy Switch games from the Nintendo eShop. A free demo version of the game is available now for download in Nintendo eShop. (We've asked Nintendo for confirmation that the same scheme will be available in the US.) Gold points are valid for a year, which means you can wait and accrue a sizeable stack of games before cashing in their associated points on a new title.

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The Nintendo Switch launched in March of 2017, making it nearly a year since its release. You'll also get a special discount during your birthday month.

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