Published: Fri, January 26, 2018
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Macron calls for 10-year plan to strengthen EU

Macron calls for 10-year plan to strengthen EU

France is back at the core of Europe. But in a challenge to protectionists, the French leader added: "Those that don't want to move forward should not block the most ambitious people in the room".

Globalisation "is going through a major crisis" with some states engaging in a free-for-all for their own benefit, Macron said, insisting on the need for "coordinated strategies" across the board.

"After Brexit 2016 and Trump 2016 things have changed and someone needs to take the leadership, and the fact that Macron and Merkel are doing that, I welcome it", Alexander Stubb, Finland's former prime minister and now vice president of the European Investment Bank, told AFP.

Macron went on to emphasize again that a decision to recognize an independent Palestine will not be a reaction "following some other decision", apparently referring to Trump's December 6 proclamation.

The TV channel said Macron's efforts to reassure Abbas have been coordinated with Trump, and the two leaders speaking by phone multiple times in recent weeks. Numerous bosses were in Davos, too.

"Economic growth is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end", said Macron on January 24.

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The United States insisted yesterday it was not turning its back on the world as President Donald Trump prepared to sell his "America First" message to sceptical fellow leaders in Davos.

The protectionist Trump, fresh from angering China and South Korea with new tariffs on solar panels and large washing machines, will close the annual conference with a speech on Friday.

Commerce Secretary Ross defended the tariffs and said Washington would not flinch from reprisals against countries that flout the rules.

"Unless we are able to cooperate, we will not be able to take advantage of our comparative advantages", he said.

"Trade wars have been in place for quite a little while".

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