Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
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Why the Conner Family Are Trump Supporters in Roseanne Revival

Why the Conner Family Are Trump Supporters in Roseanne Revival

Never one to avoid a chance to stir up some controversy, comedienne Roseanne Barr revealed Monday that her character on the TV show "Roseanne" will be a supporter of President Donald Trump when the show returns to the air in March.

"The Roseanne show, I've always wanted it to be a true reflection of the society we live in", she said finally.

During the Q&A session Monday, "Barr was pushed to defend her character's support for Trump in light of what a reporter called his racism and xenophobia", the AP reported.

The show's character doesn't seem to stray too far from the actress who portrays her.

In the revival, we'll see Roseanne and her sister Jackie feuding because of the 2016 election; Jackie supported democrat Hillary Clinton and Roseanne supported eventual victor Trump. "So whether you're pro-Trump, or anti-Trump or pro-Jill was really about getting that dialogue going in an honest way". Roseanne didn't address that incident but told the panel that her family has done a social media intervention of sorts, and she will temporarily be refraining from using Twitter for the sake of the show.

The "Roseanne" cast at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Barr and executive producer Bruce Helford were cagey when asked how the show differs from its earlier version. "There's no agenda on anybody's part but to get honest feelings out there".

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"I love Oprah, like everybody else", she said. "There are a lot of things he's said and done I don't agree with, like there's probably a lot of things Hillary Clinton has done and said that you don't agree with".

When asked about her thoughts on liberal actress/activist Susan Sarandon, Roseanne shot back with some humor and left the panel guessing. "Actually, I think I would be a better president than Oprah or Susan Sarandon, possibly even President Trump".

"I'm not a Trump apologist", she continued.

The original series was far more interested in issues of class and gender inequity than it was in race-but Season 7's "White Men Can't Kiss" did focus on Roseanne growing furious with D.J. over his reluctance to kiss a black classmate in a school play, then uncomfortably confronting her own ingrained racism when she couldn't decide if she was afraid of a late-night visitor to her diner because he was a man, or because he was a black man. All while still remaining loving sisters.

"Our country is very divided and we did have a wonderful opportunity to talk about this in the context of a family", said Gilbert.

"People feel like they can't disagree and still love each other and talk to each other".

It appears at least one story line might involve the family becoming divided over politics.

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