Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
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CES 2018: HTC Hints at New Vive Announcement Next Week

CES 2018: HTC Hints at New Vive Announcement Next Week

As part of its CES announcements, HTC revealed an upgraded version of the Vive headset and a wireless adapter for both the new and existing headsets. They've also announced a new wireless adaptor set to remove the tethers on both Vive and Vive Pro. There's no word on when the wireless adapter is going to be available, or how much it will cost.

The Vive Wireless Adaptor will ship worldwide in the third quarter of this year. The original HTC Vive headset features a display that is capable of displaying just 2160 x 1200 pixel images. But with a barrage of Windows Mixed Reality headsets offering higher resolution for cheaper, HTC needed to step up its hardware game. This piece of equipment will operat in the interference-free 60Ghz band, says HTC, and will be up to "the most discerning quality bar for home users and business VR customers", so says Frank Soqui, General Manager Virtual Reality Group at Intel Corporation.

In the largest upgrade to the Viveport customer experience since launch, Viveport VR redefines how users, discover, experience and acquire VR content. This will make it easier to decide if you want to download, whether it's one of 1,000 standalone titles or the 325 available for subscription.

Additionally, HTC announced an update for Viveport that will replace the existing 2D catalog the service provides.

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That's particularly the case for high-end VR systems like the Vive or rival Oculus Rift, a headset from Facebook's Oculus unit.

This new HTC Vive Pro has dual microphones built-in, as well as a new pair of cameras.

In addition, HTC showed off the Vive Wireless Adaptor, which can hook onto either the original or Vive Pro and wirelessly connect to a nearby PC.

"Whether we're building our own tools in-house or partnering with other innovative platforms, Vimeo is committed to the future of storytelling and finding new ways to support our creators", said Christophe Gillet, GM of Vimeo's Creator Platform. It also adds integrated headphones and, thankfully, still works with all the current Vive content already available.

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