Published: Mon, January 08, 2018
Entertaiment | By Kelly Sanders

Franco Turns Bad into Gold With Globe for 'Disaster Artist'

Franco Turns Bad into Gold With Globe for 'Disaster Artist'

"Nineteen years ago, he was stuck in traffic for the Golden Globes", Franco said of Wiseau, before adopting his inscrutable accent.

Franco accepted the award alongside Wiseau, while noticably body-blocking him away from taking the microphone onstage. Per, James Franco had vowed to bring Tommy Wiseau, the eccentric filmmaker he portrayed in The Disaster Artist, to the awards show, and he kept his word-and Wiseau at arm's length when he won the award for best actor in a comedy or musical. Then he watched the film and joined everyone else who found it bad. "Golden Globz, I don't care, I'm not invited".

No one seems to be more endeared to the Gay Internet than sexy openly gay baiting acting sensation James Franco, and it has to be because he just gets us. I know they don't want me, guy with accent, long hair. "Whatever you think of I, Tonya, don't have Tonya Harding at awards shows like, 'It's time she had her moment!' It's gross", tweeted entertainment writer Mark Harris. "I don't wait for Hollywood, I make my own movie". News' Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

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Franco broke bread with Tom Hanks, Gary Oldman, Sam Rockwell, Timothee Chalamet, Steve Carell, Richard Jenkins, Hugh Jackman, Ansel Elgort and Daniel Kaluuya.

He won a Golden Globe playing the title character in the 2002 biopic "James Dean".

"I'm very happy to share this moment with him today", Franco said. When Tommy Wiseau's cult classic The Room was first released in 2013, it was given a brief qualifying run for two weeks in a single theater in Los Angeles, in order to gain eligibility for that year's Academy Awards.

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