Published: Mon, January 01, 2018
Tech | By Amelia Peters

Browns complete second ever 0-16 season

Browns complete second ever 0-16 season

The Cleveland Browns finished the season in depressing fashion on Sunday, becoming just the second team in National Football League history to finish the year winless. The Browns "gained" -16 yards of offense in the first quarter, and it barely got better from there.

The Cleveland Browns clinched an 0-16 season in the most Cleveland Browns manner possible. Regardless of if Cleveland wins or not on Sunday their head coach Hue Jackson has already agreed to jump into Lake Erie being as he promised that his team wouldn't go 1-15 again this year.

"I wasn't trying to throw any shade, " Haden told reporters in Pittsburgh. "I have to make the play". "I'm going to take this one hard". "I think I'm just the guy to do it". "You guys ask a lot of questions about it and you ignore it as much as you can, but it's here".

"You can't be too high or too low". You go out to town and you see fans that are disappointed and you feel bad for them, and then your family is asking you about the games.

The Browns found out previous year how much of a difference that one victory can make. He was on I.R. with a foot injury on Christmas Eve, 2016, when they beat the Chargers, 20-17. The "1" stood like a beacon of light in place of the menacing "0". We're going to let the outcome of the game decide itself by how we play.

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"I don't think we're way, way off as many people think we are", Jackson said. He was 0-15 as a starter in 2017. "Everyone makes a big deal out of it, we know what our record is. We're not just going to turn it on in two weeks", Mitchell said.

Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer responded with a 54-yard bomb to wide receiver Josh Gordon, moving the ball to the Steelers' two-yard line. The Lions finished with a winning record in consecutive seasons for the first time since doing it three years in a row, 1993-95.

These young assets have shown flashes, but all played their part during a season that saw the roster crumble in key moments while Jackson offered up a litany of baffling in-game coaching decisions. Haslam is scheduled to meet with reporters after the game, as he sometimes does after the finale, and reaffirm his support.

Thomas credits with Jackson with holding the team together through this dark 1-30 period. "It's tough. That play will be remembered". "It starts with me".

The only funeral the Browns want to attend this weekend is for the death of 0-16.

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