Published: Fri, December 22, 2017
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German union calls for Friday Ryanair strike

German union calls for Friday Ryanair strike

Irish pilots' union Impact had said earlier that Ryanair had confirmed in writing it recognised the union as the representative of the airline's pilots, and Impact had accepted an invitation to attend a meeting on 3 January to agree "a comprehensive recognition agreement that will establish collective bargaining procedures in the airline".

"Ryanair will continue to engage with the VC union and its German pilots to try to agree a CLA in early January, so tomorrow's four-hour strike serves no goal other than to disrupt thousands of German passengers in Christmas week, exclusively so that the VC can impose a non-elected, non-Ryanair pilot (who is now suing the airline) on its Ryanair Pilots Council", the company said.

"We advise all customers in Germany to turn up as normal tomorrow, as we plan to operate all scheduled flights, and we will be doing our utmost to minimise any disruptions to the Christmas travel plans of our German customers".

It added that it hoped that meeting would "resolve these issues which Ryanair expects will lead to a collective labour agreement for Ryanair's pilots in Germany".

Ryanair said it had written to the Impact union in Ireland on Thursday to confirm recognition of the union and a joint council for Irish pilots. The Irish airline took the historic decision to recognise unions and the strikes were cancelled.

The union representing Ryanair pilots in Germany has announced that it is calling for the airline's German-based pilots to strike tomorrow - Friday, December 22 - from 5am to 9am (04.00 to 08:00 UTC) at all German airports.

But it cautioned that it expected management to reach agreement on procedures quickly so that the parties could move on to negotiate "substantial issues" around pilots' pay and working conditions.

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Impact official Ashley Connolly welcomed what she described as a "breakthrough".

IMPACT's Bernard Harbor explained: "We've very recently received correspondence from Ryanair in response to the meeting that we held on Tuesday evening".

"We also think it will assist thousands of workers elsewhere, who want independent workplace representation but whose anti-union employers had been encouraged and emboldened by Ryanair's previous antipathy towards IMPACT and other unions".

Ryanair has written to pilots saying it will contact their trade union today about formal union recognition.

"Recognising unions will be a significant change for Ryanair, but we have delivered radical change before", O'Leary said in a statement.

Earlier: Ryanair has until noon to come up with a document to satisfy pilots' union IMPACT.

If the call is heeded, it will mark the first industrial action by Ryanair pilots in the company's 32-year history.

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