Published: Wed, December 20, 2017
Research | By Clarence Powell

Switch mobile network via a free text message from 2019

Switch mobile network via a free text message from 2019

This, the regulator said, would put an end to people paying for old and new services at the same time, saving United Kingdom mobile customers around £10m a year.

You will, however, still be charged early termination fees if you leave before the notice period of your existing contract.

See our 30+ Cheap Mobile Tips for how to save money when using your phone. It sounds like great news for customers; with less friction involved in the process, and service overlap charges eliminated.

Receive the code – This will include details such as any charges you owe or remaining pay-as-you-go credit.

From July 2019, mobile users will be able to switch providers by requesting a unique switching code from their current provider by text or online.

If you're coming to the end of your contract, or are out of it, you're wielding a powerful weapon: customer loyalty.

It found many users are put-off from switching providers due to the hassle, with one of the biggest hurdles having to speak to their current provider over the phone, who will likely try and make them stay.

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Depending on whether someone wishes to keep their existing mobile number or not, they will text one of two short codes to their current provider. Consumers will be able to pass the code on to a new provider when they place an order for a new service, without the need for any further discussion.

Once you have the code, all you need to do then is head over to whichever network you want to switch to, sign up, and provide them with the code.

Around two in five mobile switchers - or 2.5 million people - experience at least one major problem when switching, while seven in 10 encountered "at least some" difficulty, according to Ofcom.

"For more than a decade Three has been encouraging Ofcom to do more to ensure that consumers can easily switch mobile phone provider and get the best deal", said a Three spokesperson.

Ofcom understands that the changes will require mobile telecoms companies to make a number of changes to their systems, billing, text and internet form systems, and co-ordinate with each other about "instant" future switches etc - so has given the industry an 18 month implementation period.

Mobile providers will also have to publish and promote "clear guidance" to help customers follow the new process and make informed switching decisions.

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