Published: Sun, December 17, 2017
Finance | By Gustavo Carr

X Development LLC Collaborates With Government of Andhra

X Development LLC Collaborates With Government of Andhra

X engineers and experts on site in AP will work together with APFSL personnel in identifying and selecting suitable sites for deployment of the FSOC links.

According to Department of IT & Electronics, the MoU was signed in the presence of Minister of IT and CEO of Google X Astro Teller in San Francisco during the former's USA tour. It will also set up a local office with the help of the Andhra Pradesh government. The network has 52% of ring and 48% of linear connectivity and covers 85% of households in the State.

The approach is known as free space optical technology, which has proven hard to implement in the past, but Alphabet seems confident it has solved the problems. In that state, less than 20% of the residents have access to broadband and the state government has committed to connecting 12 million homes and government organizations by 2019.

FiberNet was aimed at harnessing the power of information resource and enabling provision of qualitative and cost-effective IT, Communication and other related services to the people. X will be partnering with Indian telecom AP State FiberNet to pilot the technology in Andhra Pradesh, the firm announced in a blog post. However, keeping stratospheric balloons going permanently is a tricky task, which is why Alphabet's R&D arm, X, has been working toward a ground-based solution that replicates the same technological ethos as the balloons.

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Balloons positioned high in the sky proved an effective way of transporting data large distances, using an optical communication technology called Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) to deliver high-speed connectivity through beams of light. If the implementation of this project in the state of Andhra Pradesh is successful, FSOC can be taken forward to provide network connection to the remotest reaches of the world.

One of Alphabet's crazier attempts to bring the internet to more rural and isolated areas was Project Loon. And that is what its latest tie-up with Andhra Pradesh is all about.

While there are now more than 53 million people in Andhra Pradesh, the eighth-largest state in India, fewer than 20% have broadband access, the post said.

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